Valerie Raymond
Actor: Tania Raymonde — First Appearance: "Valkyrie" — Last Appearance: "The Scott Effect"

Valerie Raymond was the creator of Valkyrie Network.

Status: Deceased (plane explosion)


Early LifeEdit

She got her Masters in Computer Science from M.I.T. at the age of 21 and at the age of 25 she got a PhD in Engineering Physics from Tulane.

Season 2 Edit

Valerie (working under the pseudonym 'Valkyrie') was hiding on an oil rig off the coast of New Orleans while she was aiding Shawn Ramsey and his crew of Immunes in broadcasting the doctored video implicating the USS Nathan James in the New Orleans fleet bombings. She created a secure widespread communications network that allowed her to broadcast any message to Americans as long as they looked at their phones. Previous to being discovered by the Nathan James crew, it was unknown that 'Valkerie' was a reference to a person. While initially allied with the Immunes after being fed Ramsey's propaganda, she changed sides and aided the Nathan James in tricking Ramsey by spoofing the ship's location.

Season 3 Edit

She is seen working alongside Kara Green and also Tom Chandler, aiding in communications. She tries to set up a video chat for Kara and Danny (in Asia at the time) so Danny could meet his son (it is implied that his son was born earlier than expected, so he has yet to see or meet him). During the video chat, Valerie noted that the audio was fine, but there was something blocking the visuals from working. She accompanies Chandler when he goes to China for the meeting to discuss a possible mutation of the Red Flu.

She is shown to have developed a close relationship with Wolf Taylor, as she is excited to see him waiting for Chandler and her when their plane lands in China. There are several scenes where they exchange witty banter.

After the meeting in China is over, she is seen boarding the plane with Chandler. When Chandler decides to stay behind and go to Vietnam instead of returning to the US, he tells her to send word back home about the kidnapped crew members possibly being alive and his decision, but wait until she is in a secure area. When the plane takes off, Valerie is examining the communication that had been blocking video, and is shocked when she finally figures out what it is (unknown to viewers). She tells the pilots that they need to turn the plane around immediately. From the ground, their plane is shown circling back to the runway when it is shot out of the sky and explodes, as Chandler, Wolf, and Sasha look on. (S3E1)

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