The Pillars of Hercules
Season 4, Episode 2
Written by: Onalee Hunter Hughes
Directed by: Reza Tabrizi
Original airdate: August 20, 2017
Nielsen rating: 18-49 rating:
Viewers (million):
In Medias Res
Bread and Circuses

Having lost their only lead, the crew of Nathan James continues their search for an item that could save the world. Chandler immerses himself in a mission for revenge.

The Last Ship logo Season 4 (2017)

401. “In Medias Res
402. “The Pillars of Hercules
403. “Bread and Circuses
404. TBA
405. TBA
406. TBA
407. TBA

408. TBA
409. TBA
410. TBA

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