Red Rust

The Red Rust is the name set for the a fast-acting plant virus that is currently affecting most of the plants on the planet. The virus is the latest mutation on the Red Flu virus strand. The virus is currently infecting and killing a majority of the world's crops. In the events of Season 4, it continues to spread at its current alarming rate and were it reality, it could mean a complete breakdown of the Earth's biosphere. The virus bred faster than expected because plant eating insects were an excellent vector for Red Rust.

In "Endgame" the crew of the Nathan James were able to retrieve the seeds of the only plant that was immune to the Red Rust. They were also able to get some plants and insects that Doctor Paul Vellek had cured that were Nostos free. It was stated that with the seeds and the cured plants and insects, the Nathan James crew could replicate Vellek's cure and spread it in half the time that it took the Red Rust to spread.

Virus effectsEdit


  • Corn crop
  • Sugarcane
  • Majority of the earth's grasslands

Human life Edit

  • 500,000 people died of famine in the United States.
  • Millions of South Americans died of famine.