Ray Diaz is a Boatswain's Mate Second Class (BM2) on the USS Nathan James.

Season 2 Edit

Diaz is first introduced as the leader of a small group of uninfected teenagers. The group was at a camp and managed to isolate themselves away from outsiders when the Red Flu broke out. A bounty was put on the crew of the Nathan James, and they tried to capture a crew member by surrounding them in a house. However, the rest of the crew came and surrounded them. After telling the crew their story, Chandler made a deal with them for safe passage on their ship and in exchange, Diaz will tell them how to signal the people who placed the bounty. Diaz stayed to fight them as part of the deal, and after seeing the dead body of his friend (who sneaked away to join the fight), became less brash in his eagerness to fight. His group stays on the Nathan James for awhile because they couldn't find a safe place for them.

Season 3 Edit

He is seen as part of the crew aboard the Nathan James under the supervision of Miller.

He was part of the group that was captured during a party in Vietnam. He got seasick on the vessel they were being transported on, stating he wasnt used to a boat that rocky. Their captors grabbed and took him outside to get some fresh air, not without his crewmates panicking thinking they were going to kill him (S3E2 Rising Sun). While they were in captivity at Takehaya's camp, he found a way out of the building they were being kept in, and snuck out (with Miller) to get a better look at their surroundings and comm tower nearby. They were caught and were subjected to flogging during Takehaya's broadcast. While he and a couple of the captive crewmembers march in the wilderness with Takehaya, he managed to cut the ropes that were binding his hands and created a distraction long enough for him to escape into the woods. He eventually runs into Cooper and Chandler, much to his relief (as Diaz was the first captive they had come across), and leads them to where the others were being held (S3E6 Dog Day).

Season 4Edit

In "Endgame," he is ordered to ignore everything he has been taught and ram the HS Triton with the Nathan James so that a boarding party can jump between ships and help Tom Chandler and Sasha Cooper. Diaz is able to pull off the maneuver.

Awards and DecorationsEdit

The following are the medals and service awards fictionally worn by Diaz. Ray received the National Defense Service Medal for his actions during the Red Flu crisis.(“The Scott Effect”)

Campaign and service medals

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National Defense Service Medal