Lieutenant Ravit Bivas was a member of the Israeli Defense Forces who joined the team on the Nathan James along with Wolf Taylor after the ship's landing in Norfolk.


Early LifeEdit

Ravit Bivas joined the Israeli Defense Forces. She became a Lieutenant, and was an expert diver and intelligence operator. Shortly before the outbreak, she participated in the USN's Navy Special Warfare joint operation Training program in Norfolk. She at some point befriended Wolf Taylor and was described as a sister to him.

Season 2Edit

She was part of the scouting party for the medical ship that the Nathan James came across in search of a functioning lab. She helped defuse the initial bomb that was rigged to explode (thus destroying the only lab big enough to replicate the virus that they have found so far).

While on the oil rig, she closed off gas valves after the AT4 that hit the rig caused gas leaks. She was caught in the explosions after she located the last leak coming from the main fuel line. After being transported back to the Nathan James for treatment, she succumbed to her injuries with Wolf and Burk by her side.


  • Carlton Burk had a particular interest in Ravit.
  • Ravit is shown to prefer more compact weapons such as the Heckler & Koch MP7 other than the more widely used M4A1.