Dr. Quincy Tophet is the second scientist aboard the USS Nathan James. Initially, Quincy was secretly helping the Russian Navy against his own will, however, after he was discovered, he ceased all contact. After his wife, Kelly Tophet, and daughter, Ava Tophet, were rescued he started to be much more cooperative. In the Season 1 finale, he takes a bullet from Lt. Pete Norris to save a pregnant Kara Foster possibly others while on the bridge. As Kara, Doc Rios, and Slattery were treating his wound, he told them to hide the vaccine. When Norris threatened his wife and daughter to get the vaccine, Quincy reopened his wound and bled out to keep the Avocet personnel from getting their hands on it.


Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 1Edit

Quincy has been getting into arguments with his wife. Later, he, along with the crew of the Nathan James arrive in Baltimore. After hostilities with the Maryland state troopers, Quincy is mortally wounded after taking a bullet for Kara Foster to save her and her unborn child. (No Place Like Home)

Season 2 Edit

As he lies in a pool of his own blood, Doc Rios, Kara and Slattery are treating his wounds. Quincy tells Rios to hide the vaccine somewhere on the bridge. The State Troopers bring Kelly to demand the location of the vaccine, but Quincy reopened his wound and died before he could tell them anything.