President Kelly Geller was the 46th President of the United States and formerly Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Motion BookEdit

She took over as Acting President after the President died during the Red Flu pandemic in the presidential bunker and was succeeded by his Vice President, who subsequently died in Camp Pendleton a week later. Geller was sworn in as President over the phone in a humvee after the Vice President's death. Geller tried to maintain the United States government during the hight of the Red Flu Outbreak, by inviting the remaining senior government officials into the presidential bunker under the White House after decontaminating it.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

President Geller later called the Nathan James and explains how she became President and asks if Dr. Scott has what she needs to make a vaccine. Chandler replies that she does and Geller orders Chandler and his crew to head for a secure bio-lab off the coast of North Carolina. When Chandler mentions being attacked by the Russians, Geller explains Russia is gone and the people he encountered were operating on their own authority.

President Geller tells Chandler that most of their population is dying out and implores them to come home immediately. Geller later transmitted new orders for the Nathan James to change course to Mayport, Jacksonville after the North Carolina lab is no longer safe. However, the bunker became compromised again and all of the inhabitants died of the Red Flu. The Nathan James discovered this when they called the bunker and no one answered the phone. (“Phase Six”)

Comm. Slattery plays President Geller's video call to Chandler for the new President, Jeffrey Michener, in an effort to show that the Immunes are not as noble as Michener thinks they are. (“Safe Zone”)