Joseph Meylan Former Captain of the USS Hayward
Actor: Emerson Brooks — First Appearance: "Paradise"

Captain Joseph "Joe" Meylan is the former captain of the USS Hayward (DDG-157) and current Executive Officer of the USS Nathan James (DDG-151).

Events of The Last ShipEdit

During the episode "Paradise," the Hayward is seriously damaged during the mission to find the Chinese ship carrying the "green mist". Captain Meylan and two-thirds of his surviving crew subsequently board the Nathan James. The Hayward is eventually scuttled during the episode "Scuttle" as a result of the severe damage.

In the episode "Scuttle," Captain Meylan temporarily assumes command of the Nathan James after he receives a flash order from St. Louis to place CNO Chandler under arrest for alleged war crimes, relieve Captain Slattery of his command of the ship, and return to the naval base in San Diego. Meylan is relieved of his command of the ship at the end of the episode after a team of Nathan James crew members led by Slattery himself arrest and sequester sailors loyal to Meylan, including Meylan himself.

It is revealed in the Season 4 premiere episode "In Medias Res" that Meylan now serves aboard the Nathan James as Executive Officer, losing his command status due to the downsizing of the Navy as a result of the Red Rust.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Meylan was promoted to captain and given a command he served the Navy as an engineer.
  • He wears a wedding band which denotes he is married; the current status of his spouse is unknown.

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