Background Edit

She was a pilot for Doctors Without Borders before the virus broke out.

When the Red Flu was spreading, she was in China delivering aid to isolated regions. She worked with Sasha Cooper to smuggle in food, fuel, and other provisions to areas in need. When Peng took over when the cure was being delivered, Jesse continued to smuggle in goods while Cooper took a diplomatic role.

Season 3 Edit

Cooper takes Chandler and Wolf to meet Jesse, as they needed a pilot to get to the Nathan James near Vietnam. Jesse was initially hostile to Sasha, thinking she was working with Peng. After Sasha assured her that she was not working with Peng, she agreed to help them. She takes them to her helicopter that was stored in a radioactive area, so they only had so much time to get it up in the air before they started dying. On their way to the Nathan James, they cross paths with Green and Burk who are on a boat being chased by pirates. After destroying the pirate boat, Jesse, Chandler, Wolf, Cooper, Green, and Burk all make it back to the Nathan James.

When she's on the Nathan James, she is reluctant to continue helping the crew members, as it 'wasn't her fight'. While she waited for her helicopter to be repaired, Granderson kept trying to convince her to help them, as a helo would be an immense help in rescuing their people (the Nathan James's helicopter was recently destroyed trying to evacuate Burk and Green). When the crew finally located their captured crewmembers, Granderson went to visit her one more time to try and convince her, but it wasn't needed as Jesse was already preparing to go and help. Burk and her flew to Takehaya's camp to aid in the rescue. When the Chinese forces showed up, Burk had the Nathan James lock on the helicopter's location to fire a missile against the Chinese (since the ship couldn't get an accurate location on the ground).

After Peng was killed at Japan's National Archives and the rest of the anti-cure contained, Jesse chose to stay in Japan. (S3E11 Legacy)