Howard Oliver President of the United States
Actor: John Cothran — First Appearance: "Sea Change"

Howard Oliver is the 48th and current President of the United States, ascending to the office during the episode "Sea Change" after Jeffrey Michener's murder.


Early lifeEdit

Prior to becoming president, he served as Michener's Vice President, and was the Mayor of St. Louis before and during the outbreak of the Red Flu. He oversaw the most effective quarantine in the country and is credited with saving 100,000 of the city's residents. As Vice President he was sent to South America on a diplomatic mission.

Events of The Last Ship Edit

In the episode "Paradise," Allison Shaw, with the cooperation of four of the regional leaders, strip President Oliver of his powers and reduce him to a puppet leader to further their agenda of independence for the individual regions. He is rescued from the St.Louis White House in the episode "Legacy" by Kara Green and Tex Nolan.

President Oliver, Kara, and Tex reunite with CNO Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James in "Resistance," where they capture regional leader Manuel Castillo and retake control of the West Coast.

During the Season 3 finale "Don't Look Back," President Oliver regains full control and authority over the United States after teams from the Nathan James captured regional leaders Albert Wilson and Randall Croft, retook control of the St. Louis White House, and the murder of coup-leader Allison Shaw at the hands of CNO Chandler.


Season 3 - 6 Episodes

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