HS Triton

HS Triton
Actor: {{{actor}}} — First Appearance: "" — Last Appearance: "Endgame"

HS Triton (F-471) was a Hydra Class frigate in the Greek Hellenic Navy. Paul Vellek agreed to give Greece the first batch of Red Rust resistant crop in exchange for command of HS Triton and Greek fleet.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

During Endgame, Tom Chandler and Sasha Cooper board the ship in an attempt to get the cure for the Red Rust. At the same time, Captain Mike Slattery decides to undertake a risky maneuver by having the Nathan James ram the Triton in order to get a boarding party on the ship. Though the crew mans the Triton's machine guns in self-defense, Kara Foster is able to use the Nathan James's deck-mounted machine gun to take down the Triton's defenders. Amongst those killed is the Triton's captain who falls while firing upon the Nathan James with a machine gun. The American boarding party is able to eliminate the crew and retrieve the seeds. It is unknown what happened to the ship afterwards, but the Nathan James likely sank it.


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