Danny Green Mountain Warfare Unit Leader on the Nathan James
Actor: Travis Van Winkle — First Appearance: "Phase Six"

Lieutenant Daniel Joshua "Danny" Green is a member of the United States Navy Mountain Warfare Unit that leads the Mountain Warfare team aboard the USS Nathan James under the command of Commander Tom Chandler. His full name is Daniel Joshua Green.

Green was involved in an intimate relationship with Lt. Kara Foster aboard the Nathan James, which is against Navy regulations. He discovered Foster's pregnancy when she was a volunteer human testing subject for the experimental cure; he supported her during her bad reaction to the cure.

In the season two finale Kara and Danny get engaged. In the season three premiere, it shows up that Danny and Kara are already married when Captain Chandler calls her "Mrs. Green". Kara and Danny have now a baby boy named Frankie, in honor of Danny's deceased friend Franklin Benz.

He is portrayed by Travis Van Winkle.


Early LifeEdit

He is from Connecticut.

United States Navy serviceEdit

At an unknown point in time, Danny Green enlisted in the Navy and passed Mountain Warfare Unit training to become a Navy Mountain Warfare Unit member. He is now serving aboard the USS Nathan James.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 1Edit

Danny is assigned to the USS Nathan James with his Mountain Warfare Team. Months later, he combats Russians with Lt. Franklin Benz in the Arctic whilst guarding Doctors Rachel Scott and Quincy Tophet. After the Nathan James encounters a cruise ship, he is sent to scavenge the ship for food supplies. (Phase Six)

Danny leads Cobra team on a supply run to a hospital for Dr. Scott in Guantanamo Bay. (Welcome to Gitmo

He dispatches two Navy Mountain Warfare members to recon a coral reef. Later, he and his then-lover Lt. Kara Foster are sent disguised as Rachel Scott and Quincy Tophet to the Kirov-class battlecruiser anchored outside of Guantanamo Bay. He breaks up with Lt. Foster afterwards. Eventually Danny and Lt. Foster get back together. (Dead Reckoning)


Danny joins the team that is sent to retrieve monkeys for Dr. Scott in Nicaragua. He is then held hostage at El Toro's camp along with Chandler, Slattery, Jeter and an injured sailor. After he is freed, he helps kill the guards in the camp. (El Toro)

Ep. 6

Danny comes down with an illness that panics the crew. (Lockdown)

After receiving a distress call, Danny leads one of the two teams that is sent to board the stranded ship. (SOS)

He leads a small team that rescues Chandler and Tex from the Russian ship and plants charges throughout the ship. (Two Sailors Walk into a Bar)

Ep. 9

In episode 9 (Trials) it is discovered that Lt. Foster is pregnant with Danny's child.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Awards and DecorationsEdit

The following are the medals and service awards fictionally worn by LT Green.


  • Special Operations Warfare (SPECOPS) insignia
  • Naval Parachutist insignia

Medals & RibbonsEdit

  • Bronze Star Medal, w/2 gold award stars (3rd award) and V Device
  • Joint Service Commendation Medal, w/V Device
  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, w/2 gold award stars (3rd award)
  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Navy Presidential Unit Citation
  • Navy “E” Ribbon, w/2 “E” devices
  • Navy Good Conduct Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
  • Iraq Campaign Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
  • Armed Forces Service Medal
  • Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, w/3 bronze service stars (4th award)
  • Navy Expert Rifleman Medal
  • Navy Expert Pistol Shot Medal