CNS Henan
Actor: {{{actor}}} — First Appearance: "Legacy"

CNS Henan is a Type 052D/Luyang III-class destroyer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

During the episode "Legacy," Henan is tasked with providing support and defense to President Peng and his soldiers while they raid and destroy items at the Japanese National Archives in Tokyo. In order for land teams from the Nathan James to invade the archives and defeat Peng, a team consisting of Captain Slattery, Master Chief Jeter, Sasha Cooper, Lt.Carlton Burk, and GM2 Miller infiltrate the Henan and take control of it's bridge and CIC. After Chandler and the land crew defeat Peng and his men, he tells Takehaya that the Henan is now under his command. Henan was used as a decoy and was sunk by the rogue regional leaders as they thought it was the James.


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