Avocetis a safe zone in Baltimore that was created and led by Amy Granderson.

Events of The Last Ship Edit

Amy Granderson and her team choose the Avocet facility as their headquarters after the facilities at Fort Detrick (their first choice) were burnt down by Andrew Thorwald and the Baltimore Resistance. The main reason that Avocet was chosen to build the safe zone was because it had a massive lab facility where researchers could try and find the cure to the Red Flu. The facility was also far enough away from the city to avoid infection and near the only operational coal fire plant. The facility began to overflow with people trying to escape the Red Flu which caused Amy Granderson to create extreme policies to defend it. Avocet only accepted healthy people if they had useful skills to contribute to the maintaining of the safe zone or the rebuilding of society. Granderson also created a camp Olympia Stadium offering treatment to victims of the disease but in reality, they euthanized those infected and brought their bodies to the coal plant to be burned in order to maintain power at Avocet.

After Amy Granderson’s death, Tom Chandler added the Avocet facility to the network of secret labs meant to manufacture and distribute the cure. The lab was destroyed by a missile attack from HMS Achilles along with the other secret labs.