Alisha Granderson Large

Alisha Granderson Lieutenant
Actor: Christina Elmore — First Appearance: "Phase Six"

Alisha M. Granderson is the Lieutenant responsible for the USS Nathan James's navigation. In No Place Like Home, it was revealed that her mother, Amy Granderson, was still alive and was now leading the remnants of the United States Government.

She is portrayed by Christina Elmore.


Early LifeEdit

Before being assigned to the Nathan James, Alisha met a girl and started a romantic relationship with her.

It is unknown if the relationship is still active or if her girlfriend is still alive.

United States Navy ServiceEdit

Prior to the virus, she was assigned to the USS Nathan James by her mother, who was the vice-chair of the President's Defense Policy Board and therefore had knowledge of the Nathan James' secret mission.

In Season 3, CNO Tom Chandler appoints her acting XO of the Nathan James after the kidnapping of XO Andrea Garnett.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

Season 1Edit









Alisha, along with some other sailors, visit Lt. Kara Foster after hearing that the vaccine was failing. (Trials)

Alisha is reunited with her mother in Baltimore after receiving a Video Transmission from her. While staying at her mother's headquarters, she asks if her girlfriend was still alive and if she could visit her. Her mother asks her questions regarding Commander Chandler. (No Place Like Home)


  • She is the first homosexual character to be introduced on the show.
  • She is a talented singer.


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