Alex Rivera was the United States' Secretary of Foreign Affairs who served under President Michener and later briefly under President Oliver.


Alex Rivera was a citizen of one of the regional districts chosen by Jeffrey Michener to service as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. His appointment was ratified by Senator William Beatty. Rivera worked closely with White House Chief of Staff Allison Shaw despite constantly disagreeing with her.

Events of The Last ShipEdit

In a meeting between him, Allison and President Michener, Alex accuses Chinese President Peng Wu of hoarding the cure for the Chinese and letting the virus mutate, killing millions of Japanese people and letting it spread across Asia. When CNO Chandler walks in, Alex says they gave Peng a million doses of the cure two months ago and never delivered them to Japan. By the time their ships reached Japan it was too late and Alex confirms Chandler's suspicion that he thinks Peng is making a play for Asia. Alex backs this up using reports saying the Chinese bombed North Vietnam to be bombed all in a plan to conquer Asia. Allison responds that all that is speculation and Peng is their foreign partner in spreading the cure and they have no alternative, which President Michener regretfully agrees with. Alex is later present with President Michener and Allison when Kara tells them they lost contact with several members of the Nathan James' crew during a firefight with unknown hostiles at a nightclub in Hai Phong and when the Acting CO delivers the list of personnel who are MIA. (“The Scott Effect”)

Alex gets of the phone with Vietnam and tells Allison that eight of their security detail were all shot outside the nightclub and suggests Peng is responsible but Allison advises Alex that they wait for CNO Chandler's report on Peng to draw any conclusions. Alex suggests sending the Hayward and Shackleton to Hai Phong but Allison advises waiting until they have more information and President Michener sides with Allison on the issue. Alex and Allison later discuss Michener's presidency while he is on video chat with two regional leaders, Senator William Beatty and Manuel Castillo. Alex brings up that it was Chandler and Dr. Rachel Scott that were the true heroes of America and that the President was a bit player. Alex theorizes that the regional leaders feel they would be running the country instead of Michener if the cure was brought to them first. When Allison says Michener was the only one qualified, Alex counters that with the fact that he is an unelected president and an Immune to discredit her argument. When Kara reports that the plane, Sasha, and the security team still haven't reported in, Alex tells Allison that the President has problems at home whether she wants to admit it or not and needs to handle this foreign issue with strength. When Peng calls Michener and tells him that Chandler's plane went down because of engine trouble, Alex asks if he buys that story but Michener says he is not jumping to any conclusions. Chandler later turns up alive proving Peng was lying. (“Rising Sun”)

Alex is present when President Michener talks with Chandler discussing their next move and when the Michener held his press briefing. Alex bursts into the President's office and shows him, Kara and Allison the live feed the pirates sent to their news stations of all the captured sailors displayed as POWs. Alex then states that their secret is officially out. (“Shanzhai”)

Alex watches the video with the rest of the command staff and says they can't video conference with the ship but the pirates are broadcasting in hi-def. Alex asks Kara how long it would take the Hayward and Shackleton get to the Nathan James' location, Kara says fifteen to eighteen hours. Alex concludes it is enough time to join the hunt for the hostages but Allison says it wouldn't give them time to evacuate before the pirates' deadline. Alex questions Allison's advise to give into the pirates' demands and reminds her that Kara has said these are the only ships available to investigate a second outbreak or fight the pirates and Peng. (“Devil May Care”)

Secretary Rivera was killed during a meeting with Senator Beatty in a drive-by shooting by order of Allison Shaw. Shortly before his death, he revealed to Kara Green that he was trying to stop the regional leaders from taking power. (“Paradise”)